Awesome Under-sink


Awesome Filtration Under Sink filtration systems give you the option to further refine your tap water including fluoride removal and increasing alkalinity. We offer many filtration combinations depending on your needs. We have systems for both town water, rain water and bore water, which are fully compatible with our auto-fill water dispensers and hot & cold under sink filtration options. For all filter types and filtration systems check out products below.


 Alkalizing & Mineralizing Water Filter options:

The ALKAHYRDRATE Filter will provide you with enhanced water that is energized & mineralized. It raises pH levels as well as producing antioxidant & oxygenating qualities. The filter also emits far-infrared rays which result in shorter cluster chains in the water molecules-increasing the bio-available response & oxygen absorption in the body.


Carbon Filter Options:

Carbon, as an element, has the excellent ability to remove odour, chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides & many organic & industrial chemicals. Carbon filters are constructed using two different ways, namely granular as well as block carbon, and come in different micron sizes that produce different filtration abilities.


Aragon Filter Options:

The Aragon filter cartridge is the latest breakthrough in filter technology to be released to the marketplace.

Except for fluoride, Aragon can remove all other heavy metals as well as most viruses, protozoa, and bacteria in both hot & cold water. Its unique triple filtration method provides a porous yet mechanically strong structure. Aragon Filters are multi-functional across town as well as tank or bore water situations and also reduces the hardness of water often found across many areas of Australia.

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