Crystal Elixir Water Bottle


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Drink crystal-infused water for an energised experience.

Crystal Elixir® brand Water Bottles feature our unique Twin Chamber design for ultra-safe indirect infusion. 


Did you know that all crystals emit a unique vibration? By drinking water that is energetically infused with a crystal, you can use this vibration as an aid to soothe, heal, inspire or build resilience.


Check out our new range of Crystal Elixir water infusion bottles! Choose from either amethyst, citrine, clear quartz, fluorite, obsidian, or rose quartz to energise your water.


Crystal Elixir bottles share energy from certain crystals into your drinking water. Although many individuals believe that a direct infusion from crystals is the best way to go, this is actually not the case. An indirect infusion is much safer and more effective than placing your crystals straight into your water. The thin layer of glass between your water and crystals is the ideal way to cleanse and energise your water.


Simply soak your chosen crystals in cool, filtered, saltwater for three days. Some people recommend leaving the bottle out for three days under a full moon to soak up the lunar energy. After soaking your stone, it’s ready to place in a pitcher of Awesome Water. Leave it in the crystal water bottle overnight. After the water has had time to interact with the crystals, you can begin drinking this magical mixture. The process can affect the taste of the water but actually inhibits the growth of bacteria in the water so that your water will not become stale as quickly.


Dishwasher safe! Simply remove both ends of the bottle and caps and stand upright in the dishwasher!


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